How To Become A Linux Kernel Developer

Finally, if you are contributing to an existing kernel module, you will need to learn about their procedures and development cycle. Finally, you need to understand how the Linux development process actually works. This includes getting a feel for the community as a whole, for its culture, and how the various members of the development community relate to each other. Also, it means understanding distributed version control, and the development release cycle. The kernel is written mostly in C, with some architecture-dependent parts written in assembly. A good understanding of C is required for kernel development.

  • Chances are, you’re not going to be trying to develop a new program for a 1990s version of Linux, and you’re not likely to need weird hardware that hasn’t been updated since 1986.
  • Because it allows the addition and deletion of loaded kernel modules at runtime, the Linux kernel is said to be modular.
  • It is highly recommended that you search the archives about the topic you want to bring up, before you post it to the list.
  • The necessary skill levels might differ based on the exact job you are applying for.
  • Hence, it isn’t a wonder that developers absolutely love it.

However, there are some general things that you should know how to do. Having lots of experience with Linux is going to raise your chances of being hired. Any job requires previous experience and the employers how to become a linux network engineer will state the number of years they wish their candidates to have. Some of the general duties will include building servers, backups, network security, checking logs, writing scripts, resetting passwords, etc.

Linux Programming Made Easy

There’s a persistent image of the suave Windows environment and the Linux terminal where raw code streams across the screen. It can seem daunting to think about, let alone to learn, and it turns many people away. The prospective developer aiming to obtain commit access to the Gentoo ebuild repository should take the ebuild maintainer quiz. So the first thing that you need to do is learn the C programming language extremely well.

Some are viewing it as the technology which is shaping the world now and which will lead us into the future. When it comes to Linux-related jobs, the daily activities can greatly differ based on the exact position and firm. Thus Linux administrators may have some similar duties that fall under the Linux server manager job description.

Required Skills

In order to become a Linux admin one has to go through a few steps. Then, practice as much as possible to get the necessary experience. Getting a certificate also helps as you are able to show your worth to potential employees.

For non-ebuild work, you may want to look at other projects, such as Bug Wranglers, Release Engineering,Website Maintainers,Wiki,Public Relations, or the Forums. The barriers to entry for working on a kernel module are, generally speaking, much lower than they are for working on the Linux kernel. There are hundreds of modules, developed by many different teams and individuals, so there is not one set of gatekeepers setting the tone for development. Moreover, the stakes are a bit lower with module development. Procuring software packages for an organization is a complicated process that involves more than just technological knowledge. There are financial and support aspects to consider, proof of concepts to evaluate and vendor negotiations to handle. Navigating through the details of an RFP alone can be challenging, so use TechRepublic Premium’s Software Procurement Policy to establish …

The Complete Guide To Hiring A Linux Developer

Mastering at least one programming language is essential for you to become a Linux® programmer. Many adult vocational schools or two-year colleges have a range of beginning programming courses in languages such as C, Java®, C++, and Perl. These courses can give you a good foundation if you have no previous computer programming experience.

how to become a linux developer

You have to learn general information and specialized knowledge about what you’re doing. The next step towards becoming a Gentoo developer is to find a mentor. A mentor is an existing Gentoo developer who will vouch for you and help you in. Most of the developers find their mentor among the developers they initially work with. If you would like to help Gentoo, first find yourself something to do.

Become A Successful Linux Developer In 6 Steps

If you’re working in a Windows environment, you’re just as likely to be exposed to direct terminal access. You’ll need to know your way around, say, Apache, the Windows command line, various command-line utilities, and direct coding like Powershell. The fact is, you can go your entire life without ever touching a Linux environment. If you’re sufficiently dedicated to it, you can go a very long time without ever touching a Windows environment either, but you’ll be significantly limited in what you can do.

Not all positions and firms are able to offer the same salary as others. The highest salaries are expectedly available in the US where you also have the highest concentration of jobs available. All of the developing contemporary technologies use Linux or open-source. Additionally, they are deemed as some of the most important technologies of modern times. The future greatly depends on their advancement and implementation in our world.

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Linux can run on just about any machine, with the right configuration of drivers. Linux is small and doesn’t require much in the way of disk space. If you want to dig into the guts of a core module of Linux and see how it works, absolutely nothing stops you.

how to become a linux developer

Windows is everywhere in the business world, but then, so is Linux. Linux and Windows together split the vast majority of the market, in terms of web servers, hosting, and code frameworks.


Please remember that you are trying to learn how to work with the existing development community. It is a diverse group of people, with high standards for coding, style and procedure. These standards have been created over time based on what they have found to work best for such a large and geographically dispersed team. Try to learn as much as possible about these standards ahead of time, as they are well documented; do not expect people to adapt to you or your company’s way of doing things. In contrast to the demand for computer programmers, the need for automation test engineers is steadily growing. This is fueled by the fact that manufacturers are made to depend on automation technologies. As an automation test engineer, you’ll be involved in the hands-on development and implementation of technology to ensure the accuracy and delivery of the automation process.

New stable releases come out approximately every three months, and each release involves thousands of developers working in dozens of countries. Based on information provided by the BLS, employment opportunities for computer hardware engineers are expected to increase by just 2% nationwide, or slower than average, between 2019 and 2029.

Stay up to date with the newest courses, certifications, and promotions from the LF training team. Along with breaking up your patches, it is very important for you to let the Linux community know why they should add this change. New features must be justified as being needed and useful. It may be challenging to keep the balance between presenting an elegant solution and working together with the community and discussing your unfinished work. In a community that is looking for the best technical solution possible, there will always be differing opinions on how beneficial a patch is. You have to be cooperative, and willing to adapt your idea to fit within the kernel. Remember, being wrong is acceptable as long as you are willing to work toward a solution that is right.

The same school programs can also offer courses that will prepare you for the Linux®+ certification; this credential is considered helpful for many entry-level Linux® programmer jobs. Completing a minimum two-year computer science degree with an emphasis in Linux® programming will qualify you for a range of opportunities as well. As we all know that Linux kernel is the heart of the Operating System that allows the real Operating System to function. Indeed, the Linux kernel is the most renowned open-source project ever created. Among these complexities are the frequent updates and releases. On the surface, Linux programming is relatively easy to learn. However, the kernel is more complex and demands a wider breadth of knowledge in programming and developing.

Developer Tutorials And Red Hat Software For Cloud Application Development

Optimize your software development capabilities by adding top talents from one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world; let our experience work for you. When you’re ready to explore where the future can take you, we’re here to help lead the way. Master the important concepts of the Linux Operating System from command line tools and utilities to concepts such as virtualization through Linux Training Course. ContactSimplilearn today and take the first step to discover the opportunities that await you. This master’s level course includes Java certification training, Selenium 3.0, and in-depth Docker training.

Possessing most of these skills will make you a perfect candidate for any Linux-based job. However, entry level Linux jobs come with 0 to 1 year of experience. Some of the highest-paid professionals on the market are the ones with open-source skills. Based on the latest findings, 80% of hiring managers are looking for IT experts with Linux skills. The same report also states that around 55% of IT companies are willing to train their current employers in Linux. Back in 2016, 34% of managers were offering Linux system administrator jobs.

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